Provoking the Stoke

Foam Symmetry is a high quality, photograph orientated, alternative surf and culture focused magazine. Released quarterly, our hope is to simply – provoke the stoke.

The desire to surf is deep in our bones, and our joy for wave riding is a passion we love to share. There are some radical things happening in the world of surfing, and we want to be a part of it. Logs, mid-lengths, single fins, twin fins, retro, alternative, funky, old, twisted and sideways, if it’s weird . . . we probably like it.

If we can bring a smile to your face, a hoot to your vocals, and the stoke to slide on, then we’ve done our job.

This website is dedicated to keeping the print alive. To fueling your interest and desire to flip through the pages of something you can hold, because we still believe in that.

So subscribe. Buy the latest. Or pick up a copy from the archive. We’d be stoked.

Froth on.

-Foam Symmetry