I grew up in Avoca Beach and now reside on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. I love surfing all sorts of crafts and love shooting film. It was about four years ago now that I spent three months with Santa Barbara photographer Andrew Shoener who was shooting a lot of film. He finally convinced me to try out a 34mm Pentax — and that was that. I sold all of my digital gear and went south to Ventura to meet an old man at a bookstore to do some rad car-park deals. He had this weird, super heavy 35mm camera there that I hadn’t heard of before. The man told me it was his old diving camera and that he’d captured the best photographs of his life with it. That camera ended up being my first Nikonos and my newfound obsession! Thanks Andrew and the old man from Ventura!

I think its epic what Nikonos Project is doing — encouraging like-minded photographers to share their stoke!!! With all the super tech cameras out there these days, where its possible for anyone to shoot an epic photograph, I think its super rad that there are still people out there that want to shoot the old fashioned way. A far greater thought process, patience and precision goes into each frame — and I think that time spent really filters through into peoples work.

Having only one shot to capture the moment can be kinda challenging, but thatʼs also what makes it all the more fun. A Nikonos makes you look for the slower, more elegant and stylish moments of your subjectʼs movements. I feel like looking for that perfect frame slows the moment right down. I love shooting on the Nikonos — even if you only get five keepers from a roll, thats super satisfying!!!