Here at Foam Symmetry, we like Drew Martin. The Newport Beach resident consistently

churns out epic photos of some of our favorite sliders, including Ms. Karina Rozunko.

Not only do we trust Drew’s artistic eye, but we also trust his general life perspective. If

we had featured his words instead of his photos, here’s what they might have said…

Drew and underwater clouds, Indonesia. photo: Riley Cooney

About Karina’s fancy footwork: Her light-footed approach and smooth style is very fun

to shoot. She’s got this easy going attitude that makes my job effortless: she’s always

smiling, always up for it, and always positive.

About shooting lifestyle photos in terrible weather: Karina’s the girl. During our shoot

for FS, the wind and weather were as bad as it gets. Cold, windy, cloudy and flat: you

name it. And even with all of that going on, Karina was stoked on working and getting

some photos done. I can back that.


About himself: I like giving everything and everyone a chance. In other words, I believe

in treating people the way you want to be treated… I’m no religious or spiritual man, by

any means, but I think that everything comes full circle, somehow, some way. I also

think we choose our destiny—don’t wait for something to happen, make it happen.

We can back that.