Marc Andreini met Manuel C. Caro through some friends in San Francisco. Marc led on to inspire Manny to make some fine surf craft. Upon mentioning Marc as a big contributor to his shaping progression, we decided to get Marc’s angle.
Manny finding space for speed.


Now this is what it should all be about . . .

“It is rare that any one takes up shaping, let alone as a career, so I was pleased to share anything I could with him. I really liked him. I liked his approach to life and surfing. He’s become a great shaper because he is humble and therefore able to learn. I respect him because he has taken in knowledge and used it to develop his own boards with his own spin (it helps that he is a good surfer!). For starters, most shapers never progress from being imitators. But most important is how well your boards work whether they are original or copies. Manny has accomplished both originality and good performance! So mega shakas to him!”