We caught up with Peter St Pierre, owner/founder/legend of Moonlight Glassing in San Diego. He’s been a huge support to Manny’s glassing efforts, and is someone Manny mentioned in our FS9 issue as a big part of his success as a shaper.

This is what we learned:

Why Manny stayed in San Diego over heading back to San Francisco – “We figured Manny was here to stay when he got a girlfriend, a dog, a house, and got hooked on the warm water and mushy waves of north county – rendering him way to soft and wimpy to surf up north any more.”

How Manny met his soon to be wife Christine – “Somebody wanted flowers painted all over their board and I was too busy and too lazy to do it myself, so I hired Christine to do it. Nature took its course.”

The amount of Mandala Custom Shapes Moonlight has glassed – “We have glassed probably 1,500 of Manny’s boards over the years. They rank in difficulty a bit under the five fin Bonzer, so we don’t mind.”

Peter’s favorite color – “I tend to side with the Army of Brightness over the Earthtone Coalition, but I’m on good terms with the entire color spectrum.”


Manny C. Caro moving vertical in NYC

Rail line drive by Manny on one of his strategically crafted creations – photo: Tom Laveuf