In our current issue we have a feature by Nova Scotia surfer, Dean Petty, who recently represented Canada at this year’s Noosa Surf Festival. Here we’d like to shed some light on his traveling accompaniment, his Festival cheering squad and the guy behind the lens: fellow Canadian surfer and photographer, Jack Hillman. Jack shared some photos he snapped on the trip and told us what it was like going from one extreme to another, from shooting Canadian winter to trunking it with heavyweights of the longboarding world.

Where I’m from there are two other guys that shoot in the water and not once have I ever seen either of them in the line up with me while I’m shooting. We just never cross paths. Not only are there no other photographers in the water, but there’s hardly any people. So, it was obviously interesting to find myself in the mix with not only heaps of people but a pretty solid crew of water photographers. Dean and I had a hard time lining up sometimes, there is just so much going on out there.

In the winter at home after 45 minutes bathing in zero degree water and minus ten degree air holding a frozen box with a camera in it, you’re pretty much a popsicle.So just being able to feel my extremities was a novelty, not to mention feeling like I was taking a bath the whole time. It was easy to spend hours at a time in there—shooting, not shooting, bobbing, lounging—just enjoying the view.

I was really surprised by how consistent the waves were for that week. It was pumping—the place is a wave machine when it’s on….but you know that. We get such short windows of opportunity here, so it was weird to wake up everyday to perfect, little grinding jonnos.

We had a really great time in Noosa, The folks at TCSS really looked out for us and we met a bunch of rad people. There’s also that guy at the fish and chip shop in Sunshine Beach that gave us the whole cooked chicken. Man, that guy ruled.

At the end of a trip you often look back and think about what you would have done differently, and I suppose that if the airline wasn’t such a dick, I would have loved to have been able to bring more camera gear and surfboards with me. And maybe my wife. I mean Dean makes a pretty good avocado slammer and is a great little spoon, but you know, I missed my wife.

Strange to think that we won that trip with a photo that I never would have shot without a little push from my ol’ pal Deanzie. Stoked!

Find more of Jack’s work here:

Curation: Donnie Hedden

Copy Edit: Vanessa Charlotte